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Martin Snow, the founder of Trinity Boxing, has deep roots in New York City and a family legacy that dates back to the early 1900s when his Irish immigrant ancestors first arrived in the bustling metropolis. The name "Trinity" holds special significance for the Snow family as it was the name of their eldest daughter among their 12 children, a symbol of the close-knit family bonds that have been a cornerstone of their history.

In 1997, Martin Snow revived the Trinity Boxing tradition in New York, continuing a legacy that his family had started many decades ago. A big bear of a man, Martin is as quintessentially New York as they come. His unmistakable personality and unwavering dedication to his community make him a true staple in the city's fabric.

One of a kind, Martin Snow's primary focus has always been to help others. He believes in preparing individuals for the challenges of the real world and the stressors that come with it. His passion lies in using boxing as a means to empower and transform the lives of those who come through the doors of Trinity Boxing. Martin is a firm believer that getting punched in the face can be one of the most effective ways to confront and conquer one's fears.

With a heart as large as his presence, Martin Snow stands as a beacon of support and mentorship in the heart of New York City. Trinity Boxing, under his guidance, is not just a gym but a sanctuary where individuals can find strength, resilience, and an escape from the pressures of life. Martin's dedication to helping others and his unique approach to personal growth through the sport of boxing have made him an iconic figure in the city that never sleeps. If you're ever in New York, be sure to check out Trinity Boxing and feel the captivating atmosphere that pays homage to Martin's unique character.

In 2007, Martin opened Trinity Boxing Club on the West Coast in the heart of Hollywood. Fast forward to the present, Trinity is gearing up for an exciting new chapter with a powerful addition to the team – boxing coach extraordinaire, Josh Polit!  Josh brings a decade of coaching experience, with an additional five years of firsthand fight experience, infusing the club with fresh energy and a commitment to continue Trinity's legacy of excellence in the world of boxing.

Nikole, the friendly face you see every day at the gym, serves as our Operations Manager, ensuring every aspect of your experience is exceptional. Her welcoming personality sets the tone for a warm and inclusive community within our club. With 2 years of experience running FIGHTR Boxing Club, Nikole brings invaluable insights to the management of our facility, along with becoming Trinity's newest female trainer.

Together, we're on a mission to redefine the boxing scene with bringing the very best of Trinity Boxing Club, carrying forward the legacy of a club that's been delivering knockout experiences since day one. Our collective love for boxing and the incredible transformations it sparks in people's lives is what drives us.


Join us in the ring as we become a part of your boxing journey.

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