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 I first came to LA in 2005 to work a fight in a Beverly Hills backyard and wound up staying after getting kicked out of a boxing gym run by a guy I wouldn't let train my dog. Bad is bad enough. Dangerous does damage. Nobody ever got a concussion doing Pilates. Boxing is a different story. It wasn't just what could happen if you don't teach it correctly, it's what doesn't happen. Transformation.


There's a lot more to boxing than meets the eye and a lot more to you that meets the eye as well. I have seen firsthand how boxing can transform who you are into who you always were. Years of fighting with the opponent that was me was replaced with one that I could see.  Nobody walks into the gym by accident. You were always a fighter, we just remind you how to do it. Every struggle, every challenge, every opponent you face in life we're always in your corner.

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