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As a new member of the Trinity Boxing Club, here’s a few things you need to know to get you through the rookie stage. First, you’ll need to buy your own wraps and learn how to wrap your hands. One of the trainers will teach you how, and then you can follow this video to practice at work, preferably when the boss is watching. 

Next, don’t dress to impress. It’s a gym, not a fashion show. Wear clothing that is comfortable and breathable. If you’re not soaking wet by the time you’re done, you’re not done.

Boxers traditionally wear boxing shoes (go figure) because it makes it easier to move around the canvas ring. For what we do, however, I prefer Converse All-Stars high-tops (or “Chuck Taylor’s” if you’re old school) for their versatility and durability both in and out of the ring.

We don’t require that you buy your own boxing gloves, but I highly recommend it. A good pair of gloves could run you up to $100, but it’s well worth the investment . Decent gloves can last up to 5 years or more. You can either buy gloves at the gym (New York only) or we can tell you which ones you can order online. DO NOT BUY GLOVES AT THE LOCAL SPORTING GOODS STORE! They’re great for decorating your office or home but that’s about it.

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